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Bodhran with design


Stereo Silver Jack With Black Endcap


Stereo Jack With Black Endcap

89.00Free Delivery

Portable Piezo Pickup With Volume Control


Dap Audio 6.3mm Right-angle Jack X-type Mono With Black Endcap

Equipment Truck/Trolley

Folding Trolley/Truck


Truck with Locking Extension Handle.

Pianos & Keyboards

Kinsman KPB10

129.00Free Delivery

Deluxe Piano Bench with Adjustable Height

Pianos & Keyboards

Kinsman KPB10 Satin Rosewood

135.00Free Delivery

Deluxe Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage

229.00Free Delivery

LD Systems U306 BPG Wireless Microphone System with Bodypack and Guitar Cable


Microphone Stand with Round Base


Shadow Active Preamp With EQ for Hybrid Guitars


  • Uses: Vocal and instrumental
  • Cartridge: DC90, moving coil
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid

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