At Remo, we stand behind all of our products. If you feel your product may be defective or fall under a warranty situation as a result of a manufacturing defect there are multiple service options available. • Return to store: If you have a specific retailer you enjoy shopping through you can return the item to the store. Remo retailers are knowledgeable and experienced in handling our products and in many cases can handle the situation themselves so you’re taken care of immediately. • Inside the U.S. claims can be emailed directly to Remo to and must include all of the information requested below. • Outside of the U.S. claims are handled through the Remo Authorized Dealer where the purchase was made. *Important Note: We cover shipping charges on warranty replacements only if product was purchased through a music retailer located in your country of residence.
  Remo Product Warranty Information & Procedures All warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. Given the wide variety of products, we offer there are several variables to consider in reviewing a warranty claim including manufacturing quality guidelines, transit, in-store care, end-user care, and standard drum product wear and tear. Information needed to issue warranty claim: Drumheads 1- Photo of entire product 2 - Photo of product detailing specific issue(s) 3 - Provide the 3 digit code etched on the inner wall of the flesh-hoops (a letter and 2 #’s like J09, K11 etc). **Marching (KS, KL) and Banjo Heads ID found printed on the outside of the flesh-hoop. 4- Purchase date receipt **Product with no date indicator: Need date on the carton. If not available at least date of purchase with customer copy of the receipt or approximate date of purchase.
World Percussion Drums 1- Manufacturing date found on stickers inside of the shell (RUSA) 2- Manufacturing Fine print etched on the outside of the shell (Remo Asia) 3- Manufacturing Date on Carton 4- Photo of entire product 5- Photo of product detailing specific issue(s) 6- Purchase date receipt