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A study instrument with a surprising finish. A matt black guitar, elegant and with modern aesthetics. This guitar surprises by its characteristic matt black colour, a very careful design made with quality materials. It should be noted that the matt black finish.


The Iberia Ziricote model was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Alhambra Guitars (1965-2015). The Iberia model has always been a very balanced model and on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Alhambra Guitars a series of modifications to improve the model has been done to get a really interesting model.

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Student Level Cajon

Acoustic Guitars

Blue Moon GR52005


Student / Beginner Guitar 3/4 Size

Acoustic Guitars

Blue Moon GR55001K


Student Lap Steel Guitar


Soprano Ukulele

Acoustic Kits

DXP Pioneer


Five Piece Drum Kit With Cymbals In Black

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The Elkhart is a fantastic purchase for those looking to purchase their first saxophone. It boasts great intonation, a helpful and easy to use mechanism as well as an attractive price

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Student Concert Flute Outfit

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The Elkhart 100TS Tenor Saxophone is a fantastic purchase for those looking to purchase their first tenor sax.


Bb Brass Tin Whistle


Bb Nickel Tin Whistle