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Pianos & Keyboards

Roland KSC-70 Piano Stand

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Custom Stand for the FP-30

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High Grade Digital Piano With Wooden Keys

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High Grade Digital Piano With Wooden Keys

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Pianos & Keyboards

Roland RPB-100 Black

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Piano Bench With Storage


RIAM , Royal Irish Academy of Music Elementry , Preliminary , Primary , Piano Exam Book 2022


An easy to follow approach to playing traditional Irish music on the Piano. Suitable for lower intermediate level who have had few years experience playing the piano and with the difficulty gradually increasing throughout thebook. There are suggestions for interpretation and ornamentation for all of the carefully selected tunes which cover the breadth of Irish music including jigs, reels, slides, hornpipes, set dances and polkas. Geraldine Cotter iswell respected for her books on Irish Tin Whistles and this book only serves to extend her reputation as the consumate educational author. Includes:

  • Extensive List of Chord Progressions
  • An informative Introduction intothehistory and role of the Piano in Irish Folk music
  • Rare Photos of popular performers and Folk exponents
  • and most importantly, a clear and intuitive teaching method.

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Piano Stool with Velvet Seat

Pianos & Keyboards

Stagg PBF39 Black

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Piano Bench with Adjustable Height

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Adjustable with Padded Button Seat.


Pam Wedgwood's hugely popular 'Up-Grade!' series now extends into pop and jazz, so even young beginners can bridge the gap between grades with some of their favourite tunes in cool new arrangments. 'Up-Grade Pop!' offersPam’s own take on songs such as '(Is this the way to) Amarillo?', the disney


Digital Pianos

Yamaha CLP-725 Black

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Hammer Action Compact Digital Piano


Digital Pianos

Yamaha CLP-735 Black

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Hammer Action Digital Piano With Rhythms