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Songs & Arias - Medium High Voice


Daddario NYXL1149 11-49 Medium Electric Guitar Strings Daddario NYXL1149 11-49 Medium Electric Guitar Strings.  NYXLs will bend farther, sing louder, and stay in tune better than any string you’ve played before. As our premium uncoated electric string, NYXLs offer higher break strength, enhanced tuning stability, and accentuated mid-range frequency response, providing more presence and crunch [...]

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D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings

Daddario XTE1149 Medium Electric Guitar Strings


Medium Electric Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Acoustic Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball EB2144 Phosphor Bronze Medium


Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Strings


Gooseneck Short | Medium | Large, available

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Medium Crash Cymbal


Cabasa (medium)

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8" DH Brilliant Medium Splash


EJ70 Phosphor Bronze , 11-38


EJ74 Phosphor Bronze, Medium, 11-40


Drink holder for mic stands, speaker stands and music stands with tubing diameters up to 35 mm.

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Sticks & Mallets

Promark PST3


Pair Of Medium Timpani Mallets

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