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Play them all with only six chords!


Irish Ballads With Only Six Chords Volume 2

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Fifty for Flute Book 1


Fifty progressive studies for unaccompanied flute.


Fifty for Flute is a collection of progressive studies in two volumes for unaccompanied flute. Carefully written to explore different aspects of the flautist’s technique through the grades, these attractive and well-crafted studies also contain a mix of articulations, speeds, time signatures and rhythms to provide original and varied study repertoire for teacher and pupil. [...]

Music Books & Sheet Music

First 50 Songs You Should Play On Banjo


This book provides easy-to-read Banjo tab, chord symbols and lyrics for the most popular songs beginning Banjo players like to play.

Music Books & Sheet Music

Really Easy Piano: 50 Popular Songs


Easy Piano arrangements of fifty pieces, from pop songs to classical themes, complete with song background notes and playing hints and tips.  

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