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Adam Hall Adaptor 7543G


3.5 mm stereo Jack female to 6.3 mm stereo


For enclosures up to max 15kg/ 33lb, SPS-38


6.3 mm Jack to 3.5 mm Jack stereo


2 Phono sockets to one phono plug


2 x RCA female plugs to stereo mini jack adapter.


Stagg Cable Adapter Speakon M to 1/4″F


speaker adaptor, metal

Original price was: €11.89.Current price is: €10.95.

You don’t want to busy yourself with details? Things of minor importance like adapters? DAP-Audio developed a new series of high quality Audio adapters so that you don’t have to pay attention to this for the next couple of years.

Cables & Connectors

Jack to Jack Coupler DAP XGA03


Jack to Jack Coupler DAP XGA03 - JACK/F > JACK/F Balanced Adapters (price per 1 adaptor)


Kinsman 9v UK Power Supply - Mains Adapter


Mini Jack to Standard Jack Adaptor

Original price was: €79.00.Current price is: €69.50.Free Delivery

Roland AC Power Adaptor

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