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# 6/6a Brazil Wood Violin Bow  

Fiddle Accessories

Kun Bravo Shoulder Rest

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Made from bent hardwood laminates oriented to provide the precise combination of strength and flexibility

Fiddle Accessories

Kun Solo Shoulder Rest


4/4 Shoulder rest

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Carbon Violin Bow 4/4

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  • Black composite bow
  • Ebony frog with slide
  • Genuine horsehair

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Carbondix Carbon 4/4 Violin Bow

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Dorfler (5A) (Eric Steiner) Violin Bow

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Dorfler 15a Pernambuco 4/4 Violin Bow


Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest 1/4 & 1/2


Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest 1/8 - 1/4


Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4


Original Kun Shoulder Rest 4/4

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