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The bodhrán (/ˈbɔːrɑːn/[1] or /ˈbrɑːn/, Irish pronunciation: [ˈbˠəʊɾˠaːnˠ]; plural bodhráin or bodhráns) is an Irish frame drum ranging from 25 to 65 cm (10–26 in) in diameter, with most drums measuring 35–45 cm (14–18 in). The sides of the drum are 9–20 cm (3 12–8 in) deep. A goatskin head is tacked to one side (synthetic heads or other animal skins are sometimes used). The other side is open-ended for one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre.

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Bodhran with design


Bodhran with Jingles

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12" Bodhran by McNeela Music

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Tunable Bodhran 16x5"

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Maple Tunable Bodhran 16x5.5"

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Hudson HB-16 Student Bodhran + Rucksack Bag Hudson HB-16 Student Bodhran + Rucksack Bag. Black finish 16″ x 4″ non tuneable bodhran Good quality Goat skin Black Tone damper Deluxe Beater Rucksack Bag with front pocket T Cross Bar with cutaway in the rim

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Tuneable Irish Bodhran

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Irish Bodhran 16″ with Beater

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Tuneable Irish Bodhran, PLAIN Design

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Irish Bodhran 16″ with Beater

75.01Free Delivery

Tuneable Bodhran, Solid Black Frame, SHAMROCK Design.

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