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Bass Guitar Strings @ The Sound Shop Drogheda

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As a bass guitarist, you understand the importance of having high-quality strings

64.00Free Delivery

Electric Bass Guitar 4 string set 45-105

64.00Free Delivery

Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings 45-100


Short Scale Electric Bass Strings 45-105 Gauge.


6x Long-Scale Bass Strings for Electric Instruments with 34” Scale

Out of stock

Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Bass Strings


Bronze Acoustic Bass Strings

Bass Guitar Strings

D’addario ECB81

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45-100 Flat wound Light / Long Scale Set

Out of stock

Bass Guitar Strings

D’addario EPBB170


Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Bass, 45-100

Bass Guitar Strings

D’addario EPS170


ProSteels Bass, Light, 45-100

Bass Guitar Strings

D’addario EXL165


Nickel Wound Bass, Custom Light, 45-105


Nickel Wound 5-String Bass, Light, 45-130

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