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The Antari M-7 is a professional upright fogger with a powerfull output and RGBA LEDs to create a colorfull CO2 effect. It can be used in horizontal and vertical, up and downwards position without problems. The mechanical design of M-7 is made for rentals because the fluid tank is kept in a separate compartment inside the machine. This ideal for transport, no need to take care of the position.

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Cameo STEAM WIZARD 1000 Illuminated Vertical Fog Machine with 9 LEDs creates spectacular moods and effects is a real blast with the Cameo Steam Wizard 1000. Expanding the Steam Wizard series, this high-velocity vertical fog machine is the perfect choice for DJs, mobile entertainers and medium sized venues.

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Looking for the perfect way to light up your stage? The Equinox MaxiPar Tri MKII offers vibrant uplighting and wash lighting

Effect Lights

Kam Moonbulb Duo


Disco LED For Home Lighting Sockets

Effect Lights

Kam Moonglow DMX


Effects Light With DMX Control

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Effect Lights

Kam Moonglow Eco

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Automatic LED Disco Effect Light


Effect Lights

Kam Spin 2

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Multi Scanner Effects Light

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Effect Lights

Showtec Magician


Multi Function Effects Light

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Effect Lights

Showtec Techno Derby


LED Effect & Strobe Light