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24 x 4-watt (4 in 1) RGBW LED

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Three 12 watt RGBWA+UV LEDs surrounded by a ring of 27 SMD LEDs

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LED PAR Lighting

Demo Model

LED Lighting

Kam Flood Bank 1

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Super bright uplighting effect light

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12x 6-in-1 LEDs, RGBW A UV Colours


LED Pinspot Pro

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Compatible Derby effect light

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Light set with 4 flat PAR spotlights

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Performer light set

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DMX Performer LED light set

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PA Cases & Covers

Adam Hall Smart Light

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19" Motion Sensor Light For Racks

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COLORband T3 BT is a compact linear wash light with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology. With the BTAir app, COLORband T3 BT can be controlled remotely from any smart phone or tablet without any additional hardware