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Three 12 watt RGBWA+UV LEDs surrounded by a ring of 27 SMD LEDs

Out of stock

Stage Lighting


429.00Free Delivery

LED Lighting System with 3 Lighting Effects for Mobile DJs

139.00Free Delivery

LED PAR Lighting

65.01Free Delivery

Designed for uplighting as well as stage lighting.

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Compact Power Light Set

249.00Free Delivery

LED Light Bar 12 Pixel


Stage Lighting

Showtec Club Par 12/6

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12x 6-in-1 LEDs, RGBW A UV Colours


LED Pinspot Pro


Stage Lighting

Showtec Spectral M800

309.00Free Delivery

IP65 Outdoor spot

Out of stock
159.00Free Delivery

Light set with 4 flat PAR spotlights

Out of stock

PA Cases & Covers

Adam Hall Smart Light

61.00Free Delivery

19" Motion Sensor Light For Racks

139.00Free Delivery

Showtec 42579 Compact Par 7 Tri RGB, Black Housing

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