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Showtec Bumper Stars

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4-in-1 Scanner

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DreamWave LED Effect Light.


Effect Lights

Showtec Kanjo Scan 60

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60 Watt LED Scanner


Conventional looking Police light

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Compatible Derby effect light

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Cameo STEAM WIZARD 1000 Illuminated Vertical Fog Machine with 9 LEDs creates spectacular moods and effects is a real blast with the Cameo Steam Wizard 1000. Expanding the Steam Wizard series, this high-velocity vertical fog machine is the perfect choice for DJs, mobile entertainers and medium sized venues.

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KAM LED UV Bar Light 9701

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with fan cooling colours: R/G/Y class: 3R power consumption: 10W power supply: 9V DC (included) with tripod and remote control 40mW Green Laser, 100mW Red Laser

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The SLR City 16-3 features fan cooling, red green and yellow colouring plus LED and a tripod with a remote control. The lights pick up the vibration of your music and move to the beat of your groove.

Black Friday Price €39.00 thats 59% discount
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The Stagg SLR CITY 8-3 BK is a a part of the City Laser range, providing a 1-D network effect.

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