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Pianos and Keys

Pianos and keyboards in January Sale

135.00Free Delivery

61-Key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller

169.00Free Delivery

49-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller


Pianos & Keyboards

Artesia MA88

149.00Free Delivery

Student Model With 61 Touch Sensitive Keys


Digital Pianos

Casio GP-310

2,695.00Free Delivery

Hybrid Digital Piano With Hammers


Pianos & Keyboards

Casio GP-510

3,595.01Free Delivery

Hybrid Piano With Real Hammers

3,299.00Free Delivery

Compact Upright Acoustic Piano  

3,495.00Free Delivery

Upright Acoustic Piano  


January Sale

Kawai CL-2 (1984)

3,999.00Free Delivery

Reconditioned Japanese Piano


January Sale

Kawai CL-2 (1985)

3,899.00Free Delivery

Reconditioned Upright Piano


January Sale

Kawai CX-5 (1992)

3,700.00Free Delivery

Reconditioned Upright Piano

379.00Free Delivery

10 Sounds,Internal GM sound bank with 128 sounds, Layer and Left mode. Also Available in Black Pf100bk

849.00Free Delivery

Modern design, inspiring playability.

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