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Reconditioned Acoustic Pianos:  At the Sound Shop we stock leading brands like Yamaha and Kawai.  Our reconditioned pianos are all covered by a 3 year guarantee so why not visit us to view and sample our large selection.  All our pianos are professionally tuned and we deliver to all of Ireland.

       New pianos: We are now a dealer for Danemann pianos, an English piano maker established in 1898.

4,550.00Free Delivery

Compact Upright Acoustic Piano  

4,199.00Free Delivery

Upright Acoustic Piano  

2,459.00Free Delivery

Reconditioned Upright Acoustic Piano

4,999.00Free Delivery

Upright Acoustic Piano (Fully restored)

Out of stock
4,455.00Free Delivery

Upright Acoustic Piano (Fully restored)

4,850.00Free Delivery

Kawai Acoustic Piano

3,499.01Free Delivery

Steinmeyer Upright Acoustic Piano

3,959.00Free Delivery

The Yamaha C-108 is a high quality “Small Modern” piano

5,555.00Free Delivery

Reconditioned Upright Piano

5,750.00Free Delivery

Reconditioned Upright Piano

5,798.99Free Delivery

Reconditioned Upright Piano

Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha U3 1978

5,495.00Free Delivery

Reconditioned Upright Piano

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