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Passive DI Box

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Active DI Box

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2-Channel passive DI Box

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Portable Bass Preamp

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26x26 Thunderbolt™ 3 Audio Interface

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32 Channel Digital Mixer

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Behringer SHARK DSP110 - Signal Processor

Signal Processors

Chord Passive DI Box


Passive DI Box


The PDI-200 is a two-channel passive direct injection box. It converts your HI-Z signal into a LO-Z signal.

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DRP-1 Digital Recorder

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The LD Systems X223 is a stereo 2 way / mono 3 way crossover in standard 19"/1U rack format. Its rugged construction, high quality and robust knobs as well as the integrated power unit are rarities in this price range.

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On-Stage Bluetooth Convertor BC1000