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Portable Sound Systems

iDance All-In-One Groove 216

135.00Free shipping!

Groove 216 Portable Bluetooth Party System ~ 100w

199.00Free shipping!

Mains/Battery Power Amplifier

839.00 775.00Free shipping!



Portable Sound Systems

Monacor WAP-8 personal PA

239.00 199.00Free shipping!

All-in-one personal PA system

Portable Sound Systems

QTX Effect Aqua Bluetooth speaker

99.00Free shipping!

Splash proof Bluetooth speaker

Out of stock
229.00 209.00Free shipping!

QTX PAL12 Portable PA unit with LEDs

Out of stock

Portable Sound Systems

QX12PA Portable PA

269.00Free shipping!

QX12PA Portable PA Bluetooth USB/SD/FM player 178853


Portable Sound Systems

QX12PA-plus portable PA unit UHF

319.00 299.00Free shipping!

With UHF handheld wireless microphones

325.00Free shipping!

PA with Bluetooth with USB/SD/FM player

Portable Sound Systems

Adastra Megaphone With Siren

79.00Free shipping!

Megaphone With Siren


Portable Sound Systems

Bose S1 Pro Battery Pack

169.00 141.30Free shipping!

Optional Battery Pack For S1 Pro


Portable Sound Systems

Bose S1 Pro System

739.00 599.00Free shipping!

Multi Purpose Battery Operated Active Speaker