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high-resolution sound in a compact slimline housing.

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Amplifier for headphones and wired IEM (In Ear Monitor)

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LD Systems LDU306IEM In-Ear Monitor

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In-Ear Monitoring System with Earphones - 655 - 679 MHz.

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In-Ear Monitoring System with Earphones - 655 - 679 MHz

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LDMEI1000G2BPR Receiver for LDMEI1000G2 In-Ear Monitoring System

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High resolution, 4 drivers, sound isolating earphones

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Sleekly constructed and jam-packed with lucid tone, the NINE in-ear monitor rocks a 9.25mm dynamic driver in an extreme comfort slimline housing.

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LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 Bundle


In Ear Monitoring

LD Systems MEI1000 G2

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LD Systems Multi Channel In Ear Monitors

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The new LD Systems MEI 100 G2 In-Ear Monitoring-System with 96 UHF channels offers outstanding sound quality and a large dynamic range in the 584 – 608 Mhz frequency band