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Charlie McGettigan Forever A Rock N Roll Kid . 9781739917197

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Dickie Rock Always Me


Dickie Rock Always Me. The remarkable story of Dickie Rock’s rise to fame from his first performance as a boy soprano with the local choir in Cabra West , to playing in London and becomimg a 60’s sex symbol . Always Me is the most revealing insight ever into the man that triggered the women [...]

Music Books & Sheet Music

How To Read Music


How To Read Music. If you want to learn how to read and write music, this is the book you have been waiting for! Written in plain English and using a minimum of jargon, it’s supplemented by audio material and other extras all available This means that you get lots of examples of how [...]

Music Books & Sheet Music

Instruments of the Orchestra Poster


Instruments of the Orchestra Poster HL00287241


Part Two of "Play It Again Paddy"

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The Music Producer’s Handbook


The Music Producer's Handbook  Book and Media Online . HL00151139

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Basic Digital Recording


Basic Digital Recording by Paul White

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Basic Effects & Processors


Basic Effects and Processorsby Paul White

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Basic Microphones


Basic Microphones by Paul White

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Basic Midi by Paul White


This book’s comprehensive diagrams and clear, jargon-free language mean any user will soon be able to master this increasingly important area of music.


Creative Recording 1: Effects and Processors: Second Editionby Paul White

Music Books & Sheet Music

Desktop Digital Studio Paul White


Desktop Digital Studio  by Paul White

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