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Guitar Picks.  The quality of our guitar picks (or plectrums) is nothing short of superb. They will transform your playing and your tone!

Guitar Accessories

Felt Tones Pick/Plectrum


Natural Wool Felt Tones Ukulele/Guitar Pick.

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Natural Wool Felt Tones Ukulele/Guitar Pick. Teardrop


3-ply celluloid material with beveled edges. 3 Pack

Guitar picks with 3-ply celluloid material with beveled edges


3-ply celluloid picks have the classic 351 beveled-edge shape

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gravity Picks G003


Gravity Classic series in the traditional teardrop shape.


Standard Size, 2mm.


Three gauges in one pick: I = soft, II = medium, III = hard

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Guitars and Basses

Jim Dunlop Plec/Pick Holder


Stick on Plectrum/Pick holder

Guitars and Basses

Leather Tones Pick/Plectrum


Leather Tones for Ukulele and Bass Guitar.


Felt Pick/Plectrum 3 pack

Guitar Accessories

Rubber Tones Pick/Plectrum


Pick, plectrum recommended for Ukulele players

Guitar picks give more control over the playing of the instrument, allowing you to play in a way that wouldn't be possible without one.
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