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Capos for Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Banjo, Ukulele,

Capos.  There are various capo designs, but most commercial capo consist of a rubber-covered bar that clamps to the instrument’s neck in some way to hold down the strings. Capos come in different sizes and shapes for different instruments and fretboard curvatures.

Factors that vary by type of capo are ease of use, size, degree of interference with the player’s hands, and ability to hold down strings uniformly without affecting tuning.

All types of capo should be applied after a fresh tuning by laying the barre, descending from above, and directly behind the fret, so that all of the strings have uniform position and pressure. If the strings are bent or mispositioned, the instrument sounds out of tune in the new key. Some types of capo can mar the neck of the guitar if applied incorrectly.

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Stainless steel, self-centering capo


Capo For Electric Guitar

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Quick-Change Ukulele Capo


Steel String Guitar Capo


Nashville Acoustic/Electric Guitar Capo

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A lightweight, unobtrusive capo for banjo and smaller fretted instruments.


G7th Newport, a carefully-designed flip lever capo with fine tune adjustment for acoustic and electric guitar.

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Adapts to match ANY guitar neck for unrivalled tuning stability.


KGCB Kyser Classical Guitar Capo Quick-change® Black


Kyser KBMB Capo


Capo for Banjo, Ukulele & Mandolin


Quick Change 12-String Guitar Capo

Kyser Capos

Kyser KG6 Black


Quick Change Acoustic Guitar Capo

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