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Aria Guitars – Electric, Acoustic, Classical Guitars and Bass

Aria Guitars.  “It all started with the classical guitar”, says Shiro Arai, Chairman and the founder of Aria Guitars.
One day, a friend came to visit Shiro’s apartment with a guitar. Shiro was expecting to hear Koga-type Japanese po
pular music, but instead his friend started to play a piece by Bach. From this moment, he had been inspired by the sound of this instrument forever.

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The Aria 615 MK2 offers great playability and sound quality at an affordable price.

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Known for its excellent sound quality, this bass guitar produces deep, resonant tones with a good balance of lows, mids, and highs.

Guitars and Basses

Aria STG-004 Electric Guitar

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High quality guitars for everyone.

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Aria: High quality guitars for everyone

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Aria: High quality guitars for everyone

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Classic thinline design, smooth playability, and rich tonal character.

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Vintage Look and Traditional Sound.  Formerly called 615-FRONTIER.

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Telecaster style electric guitar

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Aria 615 Series Electric Guitar

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Vintage Look and Traditional Sound.

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Vintage Look and Traditional Sound.

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Rich specs at marvelous value. Your sound is already there!

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