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Effects & Pedals.

Effects & Pedals. Shop for Guitar Effects Pedals and accessories in store and online @ we stock all the must have pedals suitable for beginners and professional guitar players, Distortion, Overdrive, Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Loop Pedals and signal processors.

We stock most of the leading brands like, Boss, MXR, Jim Dunlop, Zoom, Two Notes and

Palmer effects and accessories.


Recording & Effects

Aphex 1403 – Guitar Xciter

130.00Free Delivery

Aphex 1403 - Guitar Xciter


Dual Switch Control Pedal


2 way selector foot switch


Recording & Effects

Boss BCB-90X Pedal Board

189.00Free Delivery

More versatility for modern pedal setups.

Out of stock
599.95Free Delivery

Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor.  Fusing advanced BOSS tone technologies into a sleek, ultra-modern hardware design, the inspiring GX-100 delivers top-level performance everywhere you play. Explore 23 AIRD amplifiers and over 150 effects derived from the flagship GT-1000, and craft great sounds in seconds with the intuitive color touch display. [...]

Out of stock
399.00Free Delivery

Pedal-based amp simulator and impulse response loader with premium sound and features

Out of stock

Recording & Effects

Boss OC5 Octave Pedal

159.90Free Delivery

The New Standard in Octave Pedals.

259.00Free Delivery

Pocket Processor by Boss


Recording & Effects

BOSS RC-505 MKII Loop Station

639.94Free Delivery

Looping Magic at Your Fingertips

599.94Free Delivery

The Next Frontier in Floor-Based Looping


Recording & Effects

Boss RC5 Loop Station

239.00Free Delivery

With over 50 rhythms, 13 hours of stereo recording.


Recording & Effects

Boss RC500 Loop Station

339.95Free Delivery

An essential partner for guitarists, singer/songwriters, multi-instrumentalists.

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