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Tanglewood Guitars.

Tanglewood Guitars.  The Tanglewood brand is built on an ambition to create a portfolio of instruments offering exceptional value and playability.

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325.00Free Delivery

The most recognised guitar shape – and regarded as the all-rounder because it offers a good balance of bottom end with highs

325.00Free Delivery

The Venetian cutaway is known for the soft, curved, sloping peak of the cutaway.

345.00Free Delivery

Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar

255.00Free Delivery

Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

325.00Free Delivery

Super Folk Acoustic Guitar

299.00Free Delivery

Electro Acoustic Guitar

295.00Free Delivery

Discovery Super Folk Acoustic

325.00Free Delivery

Electro Acoustic Guitar (Left Handed)

449.00Free Delivery

Exotic Electro Acoustic Guitar

449.00Free Delivery

Exotic Electro Acoustic Guitar

Guitars and Basses

Tanglewood TW-2021 Ltd Ed

385.00Free Delivery

Limited Edition Winterleaf Electro Acoustic Guitar.

1,495.00Free Delivery

Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar.

Tanglewood use innovative design along with traditional and contemporary manufacturing procedures in order to achieve their goal.
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