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Takamine Guitars

Takamine, the hardest working guitars worldwide, has proudly dedicated itself to the art of fine guitar craftsmanship. Its longstanding devotion to innovation and continual improvement has placed Takamine among the world’s top acoustic guitar makers.

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Original price was: €1,925.00.Current price is: €1,669.00.Free Delivery

Essentially a retro take on Takamine's venerable P3NY

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Original price was: €1,719.00.Current price is: €1,549.00.Free Delivery

Electro Acoustic Guitar including hard case.

479.00Free Delivery

Dreadnought-style acoustic/electric guitar

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609.00Free Delivery

Solid-top construction, a soft Venetian-style cutaway

515.00Free Delivery

TP-4TD preamp system gives you a built-in tuner with three-band EQ and gain.

519.00Free Delivery

G Series Acoustic Electric Guitar

525.00Free Delivery

Takamine Acoustic Guitar

555.00Free Delivery

Dreadnought Acoustic Electric (Left Hand)

809.00Free Delivery

A stunning and classic dreadnought cutaway electro-acoustic guitar

509.00Free Delivery

Takamine Electro Acoustic Guitar

539.00Free Delivery

Solid-top construction, superior-sounding electronics

395.00Free Delivery

Features Takamine’s proprietary NEX body style

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