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Stagg Musical Instruments

The Stagg name is synonymous worldwide with passionate players, enthusiastic gearheads, talented luthiers and rabid fans. The Stagg team is comprised of accomplished design specialists and customized products.

Guitar Style
Acoustic Or Electro
Right Or Left Handed
Guitar Size
Price Range
Features & Extras
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185.00195.00Free Delivery

Acoustic/Electric Guitar

225.00Free Delivery

Acoustic auditorium guitar with cutaway.

225.00Free Delivery

Electro-acoustic dreadnought guitar with cutaway

195.00Free Delivery

Pro feel with powerful projection and amazing dynamic range.

109.00Free Delivery

Acoustic Guitar 1/2 Size

Guitars and Basses

Stagg Acoustic Bass Case

95.00Free Delivery

Stagg Acoustic Bass Case

215.00Free Delivery

Cutaway acoustic-electric auditorium guitar,


Guitars and Basses

Stagg SA35ACEVS Cutaway

215.00Free Delivery

acoustic-electric auditorium guitar sunburst


Acoustic Guitars

Stagg SW20512N

129.00Free Delivery

12 String Acoustic Guitar

Ex Demo Model

Acoustic Guitars

Stagg SW20912N 12 String

200.00Free Delivery

Acoustic guitar

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