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Hi-Hat Stand

Drum Accessories

Gravity FD SEAT 1

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Height Adjustable Stool

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Double Bass Drum Pedal

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Pearl BC-820 Cymbal Boomstand – Uni-Lock Tilter – double braced.  Pearl’s BC820 Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand is an exceptionally sturdy, lightweight mounting solution for the student or advancing player. Pearl BC-820 Cymbal Boomstand

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Uni-Lock Cymbal Boom Stand

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Pearl D-930 Drum Throne Exceptional for lightweight gigging applications, the Pearl D-930 Drum Throne features the Trident Design Tripod for increased stability and function under high stress.  The main section adjusts from 18.5″ to 26″ height, assuring a comfortable playing station for everyone from the youngest to the most seasoned player.  The round seat portion [...]

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Pearl D50 Drum Throne

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Lightweight drum throne.  Round vinyl padded seat

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Double Braced Drum Throne.

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Pearl PC100P 10" or PC110P 11" Price is for 1 Stand (One)


Drum Microphone Clamp


Practice pad stand with 6mm (Euro) thread.

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