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PDP by DW Blackout Maple Snare Drum 13"

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Pearl Compact Traveler Drum Kit PCTK1810 (PSCPCTK Bag Included)

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To elevate the playing field for today’s advancing drummer, Pearl has drawn on 70 years of award-winning drum craftsmanship to create new Decade Maple series drums.


Acoustic Kits

Pearl Export

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Five Piece Kit With Cymbals In Smokey Chrome


Pearl EXX1455S Export Snare Drum, Reference inspired blended shell construction uses the classic sound of Poplar combined with inner plies of Asian Mahogany for strong volume and assault with deep resonance and sustain


Acoustic Kits

Pearl Roadshow

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Five Piece Drum Kit With Cymbals In Black

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Pearl Roadshow 5 Piece Compact Drum Kit (#706 Charcoal Metallic)

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PP Drums Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit


Acoustic Kits

Yamaha Rydeen

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Five Piece Shell Pack