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Gustav Wittner was a notable German inventor and entrepreneur known for his contributions to the world of musical instruments, particularly in the field of violin accessories. He founded the Wittner company, which has become renowned for producing high-quality musical instrument accessories, including metronomes, tuning forks, and violin fine tuners.

Here are some key points about Gustav Wittner and his contributions:

Founding of Wittner: Gustav Wittner founded the Wittner company in 1895 in Isny im Allgäu, Germany. The company initially started as a manufacturer of metronomes, which are devices used by musicians to maintain precise timing and tempo during practice and performance.

Metronome Innovation: Under Gustav Wittner’s leadership, the company developed innovative metronome designs, including the first mechanical metronomes with escapements. These inventions greatly improved the accuracy and reliability of metronomes for musicians.

Expansion into Violin Accessories: Wittner expanded its product line to include violin accessories. Gustav Wittner and his company developed and manufactured violin tailpieces with integrated fine tuners, which simplified the tuning process for violinists and violists.

Quality and Precision: Wittner products have been highly regarded for their quality and precision. The company’s fine tuners, in particular, are known for their smooth and accurate tuning adjustments.

Legacy: Gustav Wittner’s legacy lives on through the continued success of the Wittner company, which is still recognized for its commitment to producing high-quality musical instrument accessories. Wittner products are used by musicians around the world to enhance their playing and performance.

Gustav Wittner’s contributions to the world of music and the development of musical instrument accessories have had a lasting impact on musicians and continue to be valued by professionals and students alike.


Used to make small and precise adjustments to the tension of the violin strings.


Used to make small and precise adjustments to the tension of the violin strings.

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