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Left Handed LV100CS Reissued Electric Guitar

Electric and Bass Guitars

Vintage V100 Lemon Drop V100MRPGM

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Wilkinson hardware, and authentic recipe pickups

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3 Pickup Electric Guitar ~ Boulevard Black

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V100CS Reissued Electric Guitar

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An original Vintage® Reissued Series guitar.

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An original Vintage® Reissued Series guitar.

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Vintage V52BS ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Butterscotch.  Featuring the Wilkinson WTB bridge this classic 3-saddle design has been around for over 50 years and is still regarded as the ultimate tone machine. Staggered brass saddles offer individual string intonation, never before available in a design of this type. The baseplate itself is a faithful reproduction [...]

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Hard Tail Electric Guitar

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Vintage Acoustic Dreadnought ~ Satin Burgundy Burst

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Electro Acoustic Dreadnought

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Electric and Bass Guitars

Vintage LV72 FTB Left Hand

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Reissue Semi Solid Telecaster