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The most recognised guitar shape – and regarded as the all-rounder because it offers a good balance of bottom end with highs

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The Venetian cutaway is known for the soft, curved, sloping peak of the cutaway.

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Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar

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Super Folk Acoustic Guitar

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Experience superior sound and performance with this versatile instrument.

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Dreadnought guitars have a distinct body shape that is wide and deep.

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A electroacoustic guitar of the "Super Folk"

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"Super Folk" is a guitar with a narrower and shallower body

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Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar.

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Winterleaf Acoustic Guitar with EQ

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12 string Super Folk Cutaway.

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Tanglewood TW15ASMCE Acoustic Guitar. Tanglewood TW15ASMCE Acoustic Guitar.  Tanglewood built its reputation for quality and value around the world with the Sundance Pro instruments. The TW1000 CE Cutaway Dreadnought is a stunning guitar that 30 years after is debut still represents outstanding value for money. The TW47 E began life almost 20 years ago and [...]

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