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Stentor violins, violas, cellos and basses #1 Choice of teachers in Ireland.  Stentor is the leading manufacturer of high quality student violins and orchestral stringed instruments worldwide.

The Stentor brand of violins, violas, cellos and double basses are recommended by music teachers and music services for their quality.

At Stentor they strongly believe that each child should have an opportunity to play a musical instrument.

Playing music should be a part of everyone's development throughout their life.

They also consider that all students should have access to musical instruments that are easily playable and responsive in sound.

The instruments must be available at a reasonable cost so that all those who wish to learn to play are able to do so.  We have worked over many years with teachers and educationalists to achieve these goals.

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Student 1 15.5" Viola Outfit

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Full Size student cello bow

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Octagonal brazilwood stick

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Ideal Violin case  for students on the go... Images are for illustration and do not depict the actual size of the case.

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Student violin outfit 1/8 size

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Student violin outfit 1/16 size

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Cello Outfit, 1/2 Size

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4/4 size for full size violins

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An improved high quality outfit for the more advanced student.

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1/2 Size Cello Outfit

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1/4 Size Cello Outfit

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1/8 Size Cello Outfit