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Discovering Fingerstyle Ukulele SONGBOOK

Each song in presented in both musical notation and tab. The music notation contains the melody line and chord symbols, while the tab shows the full chords and fingering for your ukulele. This makes the arrangements easy to read and even encourages ensemble playing with other instruments such as piano or violin.

Music Books & Sheet Music

Kreisler Schon Rosmarin


Kreisler Schon Rosmarin Violin / Piano . BSS29030

Music Books & Sheet Music

O’Carolan 16 Trios String Ensemble


2 Violins and Cello [Viola] Trios

Music Books & Sheet Music

Best Of Bar Piano


Best Of Bar Piano

Music Books & Sheet Music

Best of Piano Classics


Best Of Piano Classics 50 Famous Pieces

Music Books & Sheet Music

First Solos Pieces 1


First Solo Pieces Violin & Piano Book 1


Kreisler: Sicilienne and Rigaudon Violin and Piano . BSS29024


About this book - Duet Collection 1: Duet Collection 1 provides 26 fun duets explicitly linked to the levels of progression (starting with beginners) found in Method Book 1.It comes with a CD on which you can listen to all the pieces performed on a grand piano by professional concert pianists.

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