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Musical Instrument Company

Pianos & Keyboards

Roland KS-10Z Keyboard Stand

119.00Free shipping!

Z Shap Keyboard Stand

129.00Free shipping!

Support Stand for PC or Mac

Pianos & Keyboards

Roland CB-88RL Carrying Bag

96.50Free shipping!

Carry bag for digital keyboards

Out of stock

Portable Pianos

Roland FP-30X

719.00Free shipping!

Portable Piano With Bluetooth

259.00Free shipping!

Roland GO:LIVECAST Audio Mixer


Pianos & Keyboards

Roland KPD-70 Pedal Unit

94.99Free shipping!

Custom three-pedal unit for the FP-30 and FP-30X

151.46Free shipping!

Pedal Unit.   Available in white or black finish.


Pianos & Keyboards

Roland KSC-70 Piano Stand

98.99Free shipping!

Custom Stand for the FP-30

3,899.00Free shipping!

High Grade Digital Piano With Wooden Keys

105.00Free shipping!

Professional stereo headphones

177.89Free shipping!

Premium Closed-Back Studio Headphones

1,299.00Free shipping!

Digital Piano With Bluetooth