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RØDE Microphones, commonly known as RØDE, is an Australian company renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality audio equipment, particularly microphones. Here’s an overview of the company:

History and Background:
Founded: RØDE was founded in 1967 by Henry Freedman under the name Freedman Electronics.
Rebranding: The company rebranded as RØDE Microphones in 1990 when they shifted their focus primarily to microphone production.
Headquarters: Located in Sydney, Australia.
Product Range:
RØDE produces a wide range of audio equipment, including:

Microphones: They offer a variety of microphones suitable for different applications, including studio, broadcast, live performance, and video production. Their product lineup includes condenser, dynamic, ribbon, shotgun, and lavalier microphones.
Audio Interfaces: RØDE manufactures interfaces such as the RØDECaster Pro, which is popular among podcasters and broadcasters.
Accessories: This includes microphone stands, shock mounts, pop filters, and cables.
Software: RØDE also provides software solutions like RØDE Connect for podcasting and audio production.
Innovations and Technology:
High-Quality Standards: RØDE is known for its commitment to high-quality manufacturing, often using state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.
Affordable Pricing: Despite the high quality, RØDE products are known for being competitively priced, making professional-grade audio equipment accessible to a broader audience.
Innovation: The company continuously innovates, developing new products and improving existing ones to meet the evolving needs of audio professionals and enthusiasts.
Industry Impact:
Global Presence: RØDE products are used worldwide and have a strong reputation among musicians, broadcasters, filmmakers, and content creators.
Awards and Recognition: The company has received numerous awards for its products, highlighting their quality and innovation in the audio industry.
Commitment to Sustainability:
RØDE is also committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that their manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and that their products are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Overall, RØDE Microphones has established itself as a leading name in the audio industry, known for its quality, innovation, and affordability. The company continues to expand its product offerings and influence, maintaining its reputation for excellence in audio equipment.

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Delivers crystal-clear audio in any environment.

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Revolutionary low-profile design, superior sound quality and professional features.

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Class-compliant USB output that works seamlessly with computers, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).

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The World’s Most Popular Studio Microphone

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Precision-engineered acoustic construction optimised for exceptional detail, clarity and a very natural sound.

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Rich, detailed sound optimised for podcasting, livestreaming and other speech applications

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One Mic For All Your Devices

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Revolutionary acoustic design with unmatched acoustic transparency and a natural, uncoloured sound.

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No battery required and no complicated switching – incredibly easy to use.

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Wireless Microphone Systems

RODE Wireless GO II Dual Channel

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Provides stable and secure transmission up to 200m.

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Harness the Freedom of Wireless.

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Exceptionally low noise (4dBA) – the world’s quietest studio condenser microphone.

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