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Traditional style A model mandolin

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traditional open back tenor banjo

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Six string banjo with a wider 'guitar' size mahogany neck

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A well-crafted instrument designed to deliver traditional banjo sounds with modern playability.

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5 string banjo left-handed.

Original price was: €525.00.Current price is: €489.00.Free Delivery

Features our distinctive Celtic knot sound hole design with matching wooden fingerboard inlays.

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Flat back electric octave mandola. Inc Gig Bag

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699.00Free Delivery

Bouzouki Electro Acoustic Guitar.

465.00Free Delivery

Ozark 2355CS Mandolin F Model

Out of stock
525.00Free Delivery

Electro Acoustic Tenor Guitar

Original price was: €539.00.Current price is: €479.00.Free Delivery

Resonator guitar wood body

Original price was: €966.23.Current price is: €859.00.Free Delivery

Resonator guitar slimline with cutaway

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