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Korg Inc., founded as Keio Electronic Laboratories, is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment, and electronic tuners. Under the Vox brand name, they also manufacture guitar amplifiers and electric guitars.


Pianos & Keyboards

Korg B2SP

785.00Free Delivery

Portable Piano With Stand & Pedals

Out of stock

Digital Metronome

69.00Free Delivery

Professional piano style damper (Sustain) pedal

Out of stock

Portable Pianos

Korg L1 Liano

399.00Free Delivery

Slim Lightweight Portable Piano


Arranger Keyboards

Korg PA5X

4,449.00Free Delivery

Professional Arranger Keyboard (61 Key)


Arranger Keyboards

Korg PA5X 76 Key

4,699.01Free Delivery

Korg's Flagship Professional Arranger

4,999.00Free Delivery

The new flagship in the KORG Professional Arranger lineup, 88 Keys.

Out of stock
1,049.01Free Delivery

Professional Arranger Keyboard


Pianos & Keyboards

Korg XE20

898.99Free Delivery

Portable Piano / Arranger Keyboard


Portable Pianos

Korg B2

519.00Free Delivery

88 Key Hammer Action Portable Piano


Home Keyboards

Korg EK-50

445.00Free Delivery

Entertainer Keyboard With MP3 Recording


Arranger Keyboards

Korg PA1000

2,099.00Free Delivery

Arranger Keyboard With Harmoniser

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