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Tuneable Irish Bodhran

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Folk OM Style Acoustic Guitar (Guitar Stand Not Included*)

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41″ Folk OM Style Acoustic Guitar

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A Style Mandolin – with Gigbag.

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Mandolin for beginners and budding musicians.  Left Hand Versions ONLY available in Natural and Sunburst STAND NOT INCLUDED*

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A-Style Mandolin w/Pick Up


The grip on the handle provides better control and handling while playing.


This beater features a double barbell-style design with bulbous ends.


This beater features a lightweight and slim design.


The double bulbus ends of the beater offer versatility in creating various tones and dynamics on the bodhran drum


Koda BTI Slim Bodhran Beater with Grip Koda BTI Slim Bodhran Beater with Grip. The Koda BTI Slim Bodhran Beater with Grip is a specialized percussion tool designed specifically for playing the bodhran, a traditional Irish frame drum. This beater features a slim design and is crafted with materials like wood or synthetic materials. Its slim [...]


Its distinctive design makes it a preferred choice among bodhran players.

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