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KNA Pickups

KNA Pickups is a company that specializes in acoustic guitar pickups and related accessories. They are known for producing high-quality pickups designed to capture the natural sound of acoustic instruments. Some of the popular KNA Pickup models include the KNA AP-1, KNA UP-1, and KNA NG-1.

The KNA AP-1 is a piezo transducer pickup that is often installed on the soundboard of an acoustic guitar. It is designed to reproduce the instrument’s acoustic sound faithfully when amplified.

The KNA UP-1 is an upright bass pickup that is commonly used by double bass players. It can be installed on the bridge or the tailpiece of the bass to capture its acoustic tone.

The KNA NG-1 is a pickup designed for nylon-string classical guitars. It is typically installed on the tie block of the guitar and is known for its clear and warm sound reproduction.

KNA Pickups

KNA Pickups are favored by musicians who want to amplify their acoustic instruments while preserving their natural sound. These pickups are often easy to install and are compatible with a variety of amplification systems, making them a popular choice for live performances and recording.

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Banjo Accessories

KNA BP-1 Banjo Pickup

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Detachable and one of the most portable pickups for banjo.


Portable bridge-mounted piezo for steel-string acoustic guitar​

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Portable Piezo Pickup With Volume Control

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Bridge-mounted piezo for violin or viola

Violin Accessories

KNA VV-3 Violin-Viola pickup

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Great compatibility with many sizes of violin and viola.

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An ideal resolution tailored for violin and viola enthusiasts aiming to encapsulate the innate resonance of their musical instruments.

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