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KAM.  Established in 1987, KAM has forged a reputation for producing high quality, live entertainment equipment, catering to DJs, live venues and touring entertainers. KAM's range consists of DJ and audio equipment, including Bluetooth PA speakers, microphones and wireless systems.
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WFS Lights ~ inc lights, stand, foot switch & bag


Wireless Microphone Systems

Kam KWM1920 UHF Wireless Microphone System

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UHF Wireless Microphone System

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UHF Twin Fixed-Channel Receiver & 2 x Wireless Microphones

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1 x Wireless Microphone and UHF Single Multi-Channel Receiver

Wireless Microphone Systems

KAM KWM1940 Uhf Wireless Mic System

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Twin Wireless Microphone System is ultra-durable and very reliable

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Single Microphone Fixed-Channel System

Christmas Gift Ideas

Kam Mini Par 12 USB Light


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Featuring Kam’s plug and play intelligent control.

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1000w peak / 250w continuous/RMS active speaker with stereo line & mic inputs


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KAM LED UV Bar Light 9701

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Battery / Mains Active Bluetooth Speaker

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Kam Portable 12" Active Speaker RZ12AP

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Kam Portable 15" Bluetooth Speaker

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