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Gravity® is an award-winning line of stands and accessories for stage and studio use and a brand of the Adam Hall Group. Expert engineers and users have teamed up to create thoroughly professional products with innovative details such as our unique colour coding rings.


Freestanding Hand Sanitizer Holder (70MM Holder)


Freestanding Hand Sanitizer Holder

Drum Accessories

Gravity FD SEAT 1

85.01Free Delivery

Height Adjustable Stool

Guitar Stands

Gravity FMSEAT1

149.00195.00Free Delivery

Height Adjustable Stool with Footrest

72.50Free Delivery

Guitar Rack for 7 Instruments

86.00Free Delivery

Guitar Rack for 9 Instruments

69.95Free Delivery

For all acoustic, electric and bass guitars


Display Guitar Wall Holder for Acoustic Guitars.


Display Guitar Wall Holder for Electric Guitars.


Gravity Guitar Rack for 3 Instruments GSMG03

74.99Free Delivery

Adjustable Laptop and Controller Stand

Equipment Stands

Gravity MA GOOSE Gooseneck


Gooseneck Short | Medium | Large, available