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Freshman Guitars & Ukuleles

Having recently reached a landmark 10 year anniversary, Freshman Guitars & Ukuleles remain one of the UK’s Top 5 Selling acoustic brands.  Since our inception we have placed an unshakeable focus on providing the best quality instruments at exceptional prices. We source the finest tonewoods from across the world, offering inspirational sound across our diverse range.

lifetime warranty

All Freshman guitars come with a lifetime warranty – a sign of our belief in the quality of the instruments.

What the press say

• 9 ‘Best Buys’ from TOTAL GUITAR MAGAZINE
• The highest ever rating (96/100) for an electro acoustic from ACOUSTIC magazine
• Guitar of the Year, GUITAR & BASS Magazine

205.00Free Delivery

Freshman Concert Ukulele UKSPRUCECUT

375.00Free Delivery

Lono Series Concert Ukulele. 

435.00Free Delivery

Lono Series Concert Maple Ukulele

185.00Free Delivery

Tenor Ukulele Walnut

149.00Free Delivery

Freshman Concert Ukulele Ebony UKEBONYC

145.00Free Delivery

Freshman UKASHC Concert Ukulele has a FREE gig bag

165.00Free Delivery

Tenor Ash Ukulele With Pickup

189.95Free Delivery

Concert Bocote Ukulele

Out of stock
205.00Free Delivery

Tenor Electro Ukulele with Cutaway

159.00Free Delivery

Ebony Tenor Ukulele & Bag  

Out of stock
199.00Free Delivery

8-String Ukulele

299.00Free Delivery

Freshman UKLCEDARC Concert Ukulele