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Barnes & Mullins are a TRADE ONLY distributor representing some of the biggest musical brands available. We supply these instruments and accessories to hundreds of music stores around the UK and Ireland. Our products are available at the Sound Shop Drogheda 041 98 31078

275.00Free Delivery

Comes complete with a padded Barnes & Mullins branded gigbag.

169.00Free Delivery

Concert Ukulele Spalt Maple

225.00Free Delivery

Ukulele Banjo Open Back

215.00Free Delivery

Tenor Ukulele Spalt Maple

215.00Free Delivery

Bass Ukulele in Satin Mahogany

155.00Free Delivery

Concert Ukulele EQ Walnut

Out of stock
125.00Free Delivery

Barnes & Mullins Concert Ukulele BMUK5C

Out of stock
135.00Free Delivery

Barnes & Mullins Tenor Ukulele BMUK5T

159.00Free Delivery

Barnes & Mullins Ukulele Concert - Koa BMUK7C

179.00Free Delivery

Ukulele Concert - Koa BMUK7CE

139.00Free Delivery

Barnes & Mullins Ukulele Concert - Spruce BMUK6C

185.00Free Delivery

Barnes & Mullins Ukulele Concert - Becote BMUK8C

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